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2 Piece Gift Set - Small Bee Bar & Lip Butter Tube

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This is my #1 selling Gift Set year-round but especially shines during the holidays. Combining our top selling products Bee Bar Lotion and Lip Butter into a quick pick-up gift set. 2 Piece Gift Set includes a Small Bee Bar Lotion (.6oz) and Lip Butter Tube in an organza bag. Bee Bar is a solid lotion bar! Rub Bee Bar on your skin, it is an unprecedented as a soothing moisturizer for dry, hands, feet and body. Lip Butter is a rich with anti-aging antioxidant oils and Shea Butter, our soothing Lip Butter will drench dry, cracked lips in moisture, refreshing and rejuvenating them for visibly smoother lips! There are seven scent options. Peppermint Bee Bar Peppermint Vanilla Bee Bar, Vanilla Almond Citrus Bee Bar, Tangerine Hawaiian Bee Bar, Mango Honey Bee Bar, Raspberry Pomegranate Lavender Bee Bar, Raspberry Lemonade Natural Bee Bar, Natural