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VERY TOPSELLER INSPIRED by the ARMOR OF GOD PLEASE NOTE THE PRAYER ON THE BACK Blessing Pouches, Blessing Carriers, Protectors. Today, our product is well known and for sale at all the main Shrines in the country to help this evangelizing endeavor. Since 2013 We are the undisputed leader making these 40 styles+ of Blessing Pouches/ Blessing Carriers, This size (8 inches tall, 5 inches wide), made in unique, VELVET HD resolution sublimated print reflects all the details of the original artworks, some hundreds of years old , ft, We respect the message these images give Us all. Sublimation Print means the colors are inside the structure of the textile, imbedded in its molecules, the image is not on the surface, its inside the Velvet Textile ™.58,000 shades of color and a unique hanging system, a very high-quality tassel, please note all pouches have beautiful different images on the back side, They have many uses , as veil , praying cards , jewelry and rosary carriers , they hang on door